Router IP Admin Login & User Password

How far do you know about Router IP? Like the 1921681254 this etc are the IP addresses for the different routers. Ip address is very important to access the router configuration. In simple it can defined as the gateway to connect a network source

Router IP is a private IP address for the network connection. Without this IP you cannot use access the network. It is mandatory to know the routers IP address in order to make the changes in the settings. With a unique IP address there will be an easy and smooth flow of information. is a universal gateway for many routers companies like D-Link, Buffalo, and ReadyNet. Read the complete article and get the detailed information of router IP and its login procedure. You check our previous article for the information about other IP address.

What is Router IP is a private IP address which will work as a default gateway for the router to connect a network. Internet Assigned Numbers Authority(IANA) has assigned this IP address. It is a 32-bit address which is used by many devices as a default IP. as amazing features for you. Users can use the same IP address but they should not belong to the same network. With it is no more required to have the separate DHCP.

How To Login Admin Page

Now, all of you will agree with me that the main problem is with the login process. Generally, all of us try so hard, but the hard-luck doesn’t allow us to succeed with our hard work. However, you will be in awe once you follow the following steps.

  • For routers admin login, you need to know the router’s IP address first.
  • Check that your router is connected properly to a device in which you want the internet access. You can connect your router either with the help of Ethernet cable or wireless.
  • Windows users can get the routers IP address just by typing a command in the command prompt. Open the Run and type cmd to open the command prompt.
  • Now type the ‘ipconfig’ command in the command prompt window. This command will give. the list of all the connections with which your device is connected.
  • You will find your private routers IP address as IPv4 address.

How to find routers IP address?

  • After getting your IP address, now you need to log in to access your network connection.
  • All you have to do is just open the web browser and type, press enter.
  • You will redirect to a new window where you have to enter the username and password of the router.
  • Enter the required details and click on OK button. Admin Login

  • After login, you can make the changes at the advanced level and the basic level also.

How To Change Your Router’s IP Address

  •  Open the web browser on your device and type the default IP address.
  • After that, click on setup>network settings.
  • Now, under router settings type your new IP address.
  • After creating the new IP address, click on save. Your new IP address will be created

How To Reset Router’s IP Password

It is quite common to forget the password. If you have forgotten your password, then rest it with the steps below and use your default username and password again.

  • Click on the router reset button with sharp-edged devices(like needle)and hold it for almost 10 seconds.
  • Then after release the reset button and connect your router to the device and use the default login credentials for admin login.

Hopefully, this article may help you to solve all the issues related to the Internet Protocol address “”.  Stay tuned to 192-168-1-254.site for more latest updates. Share your comment below, we will be happy to help you.

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