Why is My Wi-Fi Not Working

Is your WiFi not working, are you facing any issues with your wifi device like light not blinking or the router is not connecting to wifi, or your wifi is disabled. There are so many issues with the concern of wifi not working. If you are a internet user then obviously you will search for these types of problems.

For our users we are providing the simple trouble shoot guide for why the wifi is not working. You can easily solve with the issues provided by us. Some times when we lost the connectivity it feels like we are going to loose every thing. So the wifi is really necessary for us to maintain our day to day life.

wifi not working

Basically there are so many things that can cause the wifi to stop. It may be due to current issues or the network issues or some times when every thing is fine we have the problem the problem with the router which can be easily sorted and solved too.

Fix Wi-Fi not working

Below are some of the issues that can be checked to fix the wifi network problem. So simply check the below steps.

WiFi Is Not Turned ON

If you have a PC or laptop then you can Turn Off the Wifi button and switch off your wifi device on your computer’s security feature. Also you need to make sure that your wifi is Turned On by looking at any of the button, if the light indicates then you can connect to your wifi.

Check Wireless Connection is Enabled

The first thing is you must check the wifi connection. Make sure that your connection is not disabled. You can do it by clicking on the start button and type the network connection in the search box. Click on the network connections and see for it.

Verify SSID and Security Key

If you have the multiple network available then you must make sure that you are connecting to the right SSID. That is you are choosing the right router name. If you ensure that the router name is correct then check for the security key. Ensure that the key your entered is perfect.

Reset Modem and Router

If you the issue with your router then it is suggestible to reset the modem and router to check the settings. In order to verify the problem this step is much necessary. So disconnect the power from back of the modem and router and wait for 10-15 seconds. Now reconnect the power again. Wait for some time and connect the wifi.

Disable firewalls

If you are having the software firewall installed on your pc. This can cause a lot of issues with your network connection. In order to verify this issue we simply suggest you to disable the firewall on the computer and disable the windows firewall too that comes with the security programs in your pc.


These are the major common issues that are considered and needed to be fixed when the wifi not working. If you think there are any other issues like this then simply share with us using the comment box below. Visit our website for more information.

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